7 Tips To Construct Light-Weight Modular Exhibition Stand

All exhibitors must choose lightweight and easy to handle material for the construction of their trade booth. Handling and installing heavyweight exhibition stands are time-consuming and can significantly increase the expenditure.  Therefore, the professional exhibition stand designers recommend constructing new structures that are lightweight and simple to install. Imagine a trade booth that can be packed in a carry bag. When the carry bag is unfolded, then the exhibition stand will pop-up and immediately transform itself into an eye-catching modular exhibition stand.  Here, in this article, we will discuss various light-weight materials that can be used for the construction of modular exhibition stand:

1. Tensioned Fabric

Nowadays, the fabric exhibition stands are widely popular among most exhibitors.  The modular exhibition stands that are comprised of tensioned fabric are versatile. The good features of fabric will also add up on the modular trade booth. The modular trade booths made up of tensioned fabric are lightweight, simple to pack, easy to install, and ship.

The modular exhibition system provides a blank space to display bold graphics, alluring images, and optimum lighting fixtures. The flexibility offered by tensioned fabric allows you to create an eye-catching exhibition stand that helps you to stand out on the trade show floor. Moreover, this type of exhibition stand is available at a reasonable cost.

If you want to attain the vintage look, then you can integrate the frame and the fabric to make it look like a hard wall. This combination will result in the traditional style appearance of your booth. But, it is lightweight as compared to the traditional one. 

2. Interlocking Cardboard

The interlocking cardboard and substrate structures allow flexibility and let you customize the trade booth. This interlocking cardboard structure can be customized with alluring graphics. Also, you can easily organize everything properly and result in inventive artwork. The interlocking cardboards are lightweight and produced by recycled cardboard.  These types of cardboards are perfect for the construction of the modular reusable exhibition stands.

3. Old Style Cardboard

Along with the interlocking cardboard system, you can also use the traditional style cardboard. While using old-style cardboard, you have to think creatively so that the final result is appreciable.

Are you looking for creative ideas to use corrugated cardboard to construct a lightweight modular exhibition stand? Go online and search the good websites that offer good ideas on this topic. You will find that some exhibitors use cardboard to construct everything inside the booth. But, the exhibition stand designer must have good knowledge and skills to convert the piece of cardboard into a useful element.

4. Honeycomb and Corrugated Core

The honeycomb and corrugated core are one step higher than the old-style cardboard. The honey-comb panels are widely popular in the packaging industry.  Nowadays, these types of panels are also gaining popularity in the exhibition industry.

It is so because these types of panels are easy to cut and light in weight. The honeycomb and corrugated core are lightweight as compared to wood and aluminum frame. This material is a perfect substitute for the wood or aluminum frame. Moreover, you can cover the honeycomb and corrugated structure to give it a finished appearance.

5. Paper Structure

We know that paper structure offers less support as compared to the cardboard. But, the paper elements offer artistic abilities that will make your exhibition stand amazing and visually appealing.  Moreover, the paper elements are airy and lightweight, so it will reduce the overall weight of the modular exhibition stand.

The paper structure also comprised wonderful organic quality that offers softness to the modular exhibition stand. There are various types of expandable paper-based elements available in the market that can be used in the modular booth. 

6. High-Density Foam

There are various exhibition stand suppliers that use foam-based material for the construction of modular trade booths. The high-density foam is a sturdy and lightweight panel that is comprised of polystyrene foam.  This foam is present between the two papers or cardboard sheets.  This material can be used to construct prestige exhibition stands.

7. Inflatable Structures

This is another type of lightweight material that can be used for the construction of structure and furniture of the modular exhibition stand.  You can create inflatable chairs and couches that can be placed inside the modular exhibition stand. In addition to this, you can also create inflatable conference rooms and a reception desk.

Final Words

While choosing any kind of material for your trade booth, you should always keep in mind that the material you are going to select should meet the standards. You should choose the material that ensures fire safety and perfect for the trade show.  If you choose the above-mentioned material for the construction of a booth, then it will reduce the overall weight of the exhibition stand.

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