Benefits of High Security Registration Plate & Colour Coded Stickers

HSRPs have been made compulsory by the Government in India. The High Security Registration Plates has some distinct specifications and features, thus offering a multitude of benefits. Some of the specific features of HSRPs are mentioned below:

1. Chromium Based Hologram

HSRPs contain a chromium-based hologram which serves as a security feature. The hologram is hot-stamped at a high temperature on the High Security Registration Plate and hence nobody will be able to damage or remove it.

2. Hot Stamped Film with Security Inscript

HSRPs come with a security inscript containing digits and numerals to offer additional security. It is worth mentioning the duplicate registration plates will not have this security code.

3. Retro Reflective Sheet (RRS)

Retro Reflective Sheet aka RRS is used in HSRP to increase the visibility at night. High-grade quality RRS is used in HSRP that enhances visibility from a distance of over 200 metres.

4. Third License Plate sticker (TLP)

A third licence plate sticker is also attached on the left corner of the windshield of vehicles. This sticker has details including registration number and front/rear LID numbers.

5. Snap Lock

Snap Lock is a kind of high-security lock that can not be reused or removed once fastened. However, the use of snap locks is only limited to the rear side of the vehicle.

6. Laser-etched Alpha Numeric Code

There is a laser alphanumeric code present on the left side of HSRP. This alpha numeric code has 9 digits and is unique to every plate. It links the details of the vehicle with the central database.

High Security Registration Plates offer various benefits such as the presence of two snap locks make them tamper-proof. Hence, the stolen vehicles can be tracked as the registration plate cannot be removed in case of HSRPs. Moreover, HSRP is issued to a vehicle owner after complete verification of details. These details get linked with the central database and thus makes it easier for the authorities to track the vehicle owner in case of stolen vehicles.

The usage of HSRP is beneficial for traffic management as well. Many times, people choose different kinds of font styles for the registration plates which makes it difficult for traffic police to read the number. In the case of HSRPs, a uniform pattern is followed to address this problem. Colour coded stickers are the third kind of registration plate for the vehicle which indicates the fuel type for a particular vehicle. They also have information about the registering authority and the registration number of the vehicle.

As stated above, HSRPs are mandatory in India as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and CMVR 1989. Hence, it becomes important for both old and new vehicles to abide by this law. You can get an HSRP online as the transport department of many states have designed an official portal for the booking of HSRP. For instance, you can book HSRP Punjab from the government authorised portal, The same portal also allows you to pay the fees online in a very secure way. You can otherwise visit the HSRP centres and submit the application to get this registration plate.

Besides HSRPs, the government has also mandated the use of FASTags in the country. This is because both HSRPs and FASTags make way for better transportation in the country. Just like HSRPs, the application to get a FASTag can also be submitted online from the respective bank’s website. For example, you can apply for SBI Fastag online from the official website, and get it delivered to your registered address.

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