How will you know that your gemstones are original ?

Even in today’s world gemstones are of great value not only as a jewellery embellishment but also due to astrological purpose. Therefore the genuineness of the stone is must otherwise there will be no value of the  gemstone. During gemstone purchase you must buy from government certified gemstones. If you want to buy authentic gemstones in Delhi you can buy from various dealers but among them the Khanna Gems Private Limited is the most recommendable. This is because the certification process is quite stringent.

Criterion to select the retailer

You will know that you have selected the authentic gemstone retailer when there is genuiness in the colour of the stone for example white pearl will retain it’s genuinity if the colour of the gemstone is natural, it’s not produced in laboratary.  When you are purchasing the white pearl ,you will pay 70 percent for it’s colour .Natural gemstones are created in a natural process, but the gemstones which are manufactured in the laboratory has moral purpose but it doesn’t satisfy the astrological purpose. Another trick is if you really want to identify the best quality and poor quality of gemstone then examine the color under bright light and from variant angles . The best one will shine in all angles but the not so good ones will not shine in all the angles. Hence, if you want natural astrological stone then go to Khanna Gems and buy certified gemstones online .The Gems are reviewed before purchasing by a team of Gemologists led by Mr.Pankaj Khanna for their authenticity. The aura of the Gemstones is checked so that they resonate  to give desired outcome. The gemstones must have positive aura because if they have negative aura they will not only generate positive result but there can be negative consequences. Moreover the Gemstones are dispatched to IGI-GTL, which is an ensemble of Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council, which is sponsored by Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India. When the procedure of certification is complete, the Gemstones are Abhimantrit by accomplishing Vedic Yagya by educated Pandits.

Cut and Shape authenticity

A good Gemstones cut indicates the gemstone’s color, diminishes its inclusions, and exhibits good overall symmetry and proportion. As gemstones color can vary, there are no hard geometrical rules when it comes to increasing brilliance or color. Gemstones, especially which are rarer, are sometimes cut for size without emphasising for their color. For example, corrundun such as sapphire and ruby are cut for maximum weight rather than beauty, they may reveal banded colors or streaks. You can have faith on Khanna Gems Private limited for authentic cut and shapes.

Now,  how much rattis you will wear for the gemstone it depends what gemstone you will wear. The precious stones have substitute which are known as semiprecious stone. The semi precious stones and precious stones are affordable but not cheap in Khanna Gems because they are genuine. The price per rati may vary from Rs.1200 to Rs. 1700 . In the end you must consult a qualified astrologer who will recommend about the gemstone and the quantity of rattis.

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