Pashubajaar: Trusted Platform to buy Goat Online this Bakrid

The festival of Eid Al-Adha is knocking at the door. In this auspicious day, it is very important to sacrifice any domestic animal, especially goat for the love of Allah. You have to ensure that you get the best Bakra Eid Buck for Qurbani so that your love for the almighty will prevail. For the Muslims, it is a day to remember the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham and prove their devotion as well.

On the other hand, due to Coronavirus Pandemic, the scenario has been changed completely. Everyone has to maintain a social distancing norm and personal hygiene. Most of the small businesses are damaged. The supply chains of the goods are interrupted by different things like lockdown, border seal, and unavailability of transport.

Pashubajaar, the online platform where you can purchase Bakra Eid Buck has come into light during this time. Though the main company is operational for many years, they have recently uplift their venture online to cater pan India customers.

Now people from Andhra Pradesh can order Jamunapari goats of Uttar Pradesh without any hassle. For that, you don’t have to cross the border or the gate of your house. Just a few clicks on your mobile phone can deliver the best quality healthy goats at your doorstep.

If you are worried till now thinking from where you can buy the Bakara Eid Buck, then you should know all about Pashubajaar, the most trusted platform of India to buy livestock.

Check out some excellent reasons to buy goats from Pashubajaar only.

Experienced Company:
Pashubajaar is an initiative of Nandi Nandan Breeds and Seeds India Pvt Ltd, a sister concern of Goat Trust India. They are in the business for years and know how to raise healthy goats. They are well aware of the breeds and can suggest you the best goat for the purpose. As they are an experienced company, they know the specifications of the Qurbani bakra to comply with all the rules and regulations.

Healthy Goat:
It is quite tough to buy a healthy goat from the livestock market. On the other hand, all the goats delivered by the company are healthy and disease-free. It comes with the medical certificate issued by the certified veterinarians. All the goats under the company are supervised by the veterinarians who keep all the health records. The vaccination and deworming processes are also carried out from time to time to keep them healthy.

Hassle-Free Service:
You don’t need to visit the marketplace and judge all the goats available. You can do the work from your drawing room as well. You just need to visit the website, choose the goats, and order them online. You will get the delivery of the goats on the address much before the day of Bakra Eid.

Live Weight:
This is the first and only livestock company in India that facilitates live body weight. They always ensure maximum transparency to the trade and try their level best so that every customer will be satisfied and happy.

Woman Empowerment:
Apart from the business, the company is also supporting women empowerment of ultra rural areas of India. They lend goats to them so that they can become the goat farmer to earn their living.

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