The Magic Of Aluminum Extrusion

Aluminum has always been a wonderful material when it comes to experiments and fun learning. People often use various methods like Aluminum Extrusion to do their work done in the least hard work possible.

What is an Aluminum Extrusion?

It is a method by which the alloy of aluminum is pushed with the help of die through a specific and cross-sectional profile. After that, a special force or ram pushes the same aluminum alloy with the help of a die, resulted in merging from its opening. Aluminum Extrusion can be understood as a process of squeezing toothpaste and getting the paste in the shape of its openings.

It is a very tough process for normal people to get the exact result. This is why a trained person is always expected to take this work into their own hands.

There is various kind of shapes in which we can extrude the paste. Some of the are listed down below:

  • Solid: In this extrusion, there will be no enclosed openings or voids
  • Hollow: This type of extrusion gives one, two, or more voids in the results. E.g., rectangular or square tubes)
  • Semi-Hollow: his extrusion gives a partial but enclosed void with a very narrow gap forming a ā€œCā€ channel.

This whole process is a very interesting and learning journey for the person involved. In the end, it results in an 8-24-foot-long result that can be again heat-treated, fabricated, or finished depending upon the requirements of the customer. Especially the alloys of 2000,7000 or even 6000 series can be treated with the help of heat to embrace their strength and ultimately their yield stress.

This is why one is expected first to notice the demand of the customer and then decide the allow along with the temperature requirements on it.

There is an Anodization process available in case an alloy is needed to thicken according to the demand.

What is the process of Aluminum Extrusion?

This process is a very tough one, so the person needed to go through every one of them with a lot of safety and care. Below are listed the whole mechanism in the simplest form:

  • At first, we need to prepare the extrusion die and then move it to the Extrusion press.
  • Second, we need to preheat the billet of Aluminum before the extrusion process.
  • Then the billet is forced to transfer through the extrusion press.
  • Now the ram is put into work for pushing the billet material into a specific container.
  • After this, the extruded material comes or emerges from the same die.
  • Now the extrusion is directed to the run out table and then shifted for quenching.
  • In the seventh process, the same extrusion resulted so far is sheared up to the table’s length.
  • After this process, the extrusion is made to cool up to the normal room temperature.
  • Then this extrusion is placed on the stretchers to form an alignment
  • Lastly, it is moved the cut lengthwise.

Hence these are one-by-one steps that are undergone to get the final result of Extruded Aluminum in the end.

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