Tips to combat the issue of dandruff

It is fair to say that all of us face issues with dandruff at some point of time in our lives. What about the scenario where the dandruff is subdued and has an impact on your looks. An initial reaction would be to opt for an anti- dandruff shampoo for colored hair. In fact the energy that you invest in dandruff you can explore ways on how you can overcome the issue.

The point is not to worry about it, but make sure you end up doing something about it. You cannot allow it to sap your energy levels and make you disappointed at all times. There is a need to take control of your life and the issue of dandruff. Do not allow it to become a major problem till it assumes embarrassing proportions.

A quality shampoo to deal with the issue of dandruff

Till this point of time if you have been using any random shampoo it is ok. If you are having issue of dandruff then every shampoo might not be working for you. There are numerous shampoos in the market that are designed to cope up with dandruff issues. Make sure that you opt for a hair colour safe dandruff shampoo since it makes your clean. Since the shampoo deals with dandruff you can cope up with the issue of dandruff immediately. The reason being it is your hair and the condition of the scalp works out to be important.

Importance Of Ketoconazole

If you have ever used Dandruff Eliminator, you might have come across the claim that Ketoconazole as a topical treatment can help eliminate the flaking and itching associated with dandruff. While there are several dandruff products in the market that contain Ketoconazole, it is better to go for something that does not contain such a substance. The reason behind this is that Ketoconazole as a topical treatment is quite effective only if you use the medicine on  dandruff.  If you are not sure about the effectiveness of the medicine, it is best to consult your doctor before using it.

Why Is ketoconazole effective?       

The reason for the effectiveness of Ketoconazole lies in its mechanism of action. First of all, Ketoconazole acts by inhibiting the action of Ptychopresin, which is known to cause dandruff by causing damage to the sebaceous glands. Ketoconazole as a topical treatment can reduce the inflammation associated with dandruff and hence, helps in alleviating the symptoms associated with it. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that over-usage of Ketoconazole may lead to toxic effects on your skin. In such a scenario, you might suffer from redness, itchiness and irritation at the site of application. You can avoid such a situation by using a moisturizer that contains ingredients like aloe vera and glycerin. If you are planning to use Ketoconazole as a dandruff removing agent, you will need to keep in mind few important things. Always make sure that you use it after cleaning your hair properly.

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