Top 5 Easy and Effective Small Business Ideas in 2021 For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The year 2021 is filled with so many business ideas, it would be difficult to determine which are worth achieving. Although it may seem risky to hop on a new trend, it can be extremely fulfilling. In this article, you might notice that the ideas we’ve outlined are becoming popular lately. Some of these have been known for a long time already making them more ambitious but less risky. But all these small business ideas we will share with you will help make more money. 

If you’re a small business entrepreneur, you can have a lot of opportunities that you can try successfully. All you need to have is an amazing small business idea. It’s important to take note that all great business ideas do not necessitate heavy funds, but it will require your thorough research before you jump in. 

#1 Food Truck Business (For Food Business) 

If you can’t still decide what food business to do, and you can’t afford yet to have your own restaurant, a food truck is one of the best business ideas that provide low investment. People who can’t afford to make a big investment but love to cook or try new dishes, this is the way to go. But don’t be discouraged! It’s actually a great idea since a lot of people don’t like going out to buy their food during this pandemic. Opening a food truck business is definitely a great move if you are short of money! 

What you’ll be needing to create an initial investment to purchase a food truck. Plus, the advantage of a food truck business is also to learn if people like your food or not. And if you receive a lot of great responses from your customers, you may start planning to convert your food truck into a restaurant business. 

#2 Dropshipping (For Online Business) 

If you’re just starting out an online business and you’re looking for ways to sell products online, but you don’t have the budget to purchase and store inventory, dropshipping is a great idea. If you’re not familiar with dropshipping, it’s an e-commerce business model that allows you to not manage any physical products. All you need to do is to prepare your online store, connect and partner with suppliers who know how to store, package, and ship orders to your customers. Plus, you don’t have to use so much of your time on product research because you can utilize dropshipping apps to look for products you can sell. You can search on Youtube for dropshipping tutorials and see if it’s a good option for you.  

Many online entrepreneurs are drawn to this because they don’t need to worry about how to hold their inventory. But if holding inventory is not a problem for you then there might be an extra space in your home. 

#3 Virtual Assistant Services (For Organizational Business) 

One of the best successful business ideas you can offer is virtual assistant services. Almost all people from large enterprises to solopreneurs need support from their day-to-day management of their brand and business. If you got those remarkable organisational skills to lessen the weight off their shoulders. 

You’ll get paid for the hours and work you put into arranging meetings, answering emails, and other administrative duties you are performing. Look for good listings so you can be able to get your first clients. 

#4 Website Flipping (For Home-Based Business) 

Website flipping is one of the newest business ideas that have got people who just recently graduated and who are working from home. This will include buying an already running website, enhancing its design, feel, and content, and selling it to make money. There are several places where you can purchase and sell websites to earn a profit where you can buy e-commerce websites that you can improve better via SEO, content marketing, and other techniques you know. After your site improves in producing more revenue than what you are expecting, you can begin listing it for sale on the marketplace.

#5 Personal Shopper (For Fashion Business) 

Are people always complimenting you for having an eye for fashion trends? Do your family and friends run to you for clothing and fashion advice? Personal shopping will be a trend for business in 2021, and if you think you those skills, then it’s perfect for you.  As a personal shopper, your job is to look for clothing items for clients who are having a hard time to find their personal style. Responsibilities like assessing your client’s wardrobe, visiting websites, and getting the items that will look great on them. 

There are so many types of products on all types of online clothing boutiques, so you won’t be required to shop offline to start this business from moving. In addition, it’s not necessary for you to earn any special certification or degree to become a personal shopper. So if you’re highly interested in business ideas with low investment, personal shopping is the best path you should follow and walk on. 

With these business ideas in mind, we also recommend that you buy your own business insurance in case something goes wrong. It’s your protection in the future if any unforeseen risks happen. 

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