What Makes Sire Acoustic Guitars Different From Others?

A group of friends in Korea started the brand “Sire”. It was in the late 90’s that the group of friends worked very hard to bring up guitars which shall be solid and cost friendly for the buyers. During that time, the prices of musical instruments were very high which made ordinary people back out their musical journey dream. It was then that the group of friends decided to make a complete solid guitar by themselves. When “Sire” frontiers started their pathway for making guitars, they researched that the China OEM factory used to build poor finish quality guitars. So the team had performed a sound test and found that the Sire guitars are much better in terms of sound output, body construction etc. It was then that the strugglers realised that a non solid guitar shall never be able to produce a great sound when compared to a complete solid body.

Why to go for a Sire Acoustic Guitar?

The Sire comes in three different colors – black, red and blue each offers different sound tuning options. In fact, the Sire SS7 is the first acoustic guitar with three different tuning options. The black guitar produces a balanced sound; the red produces a rick and sparkling sound whereas the blue produces a rich bass tone sound. Talking about the body, the guitars are built of high quality – Rosewood and Ebony fret boards. The sound output is mesmerizing and you get a calm feeling while playing the chords. When the question arises of sound amplification, the company manufactures two different categories of guitar – internal mic and removable sound hole pickup. Thereby, you get the best option to choose from for turning up the volume button, EQ button and microphone blend button.

Why isn’t Sire That Popular As Other Brands?

Sire brand has always been trying hard to maintain a perfect balance between the quality and price. The Sire guitars come in a budget friendly range and hence big companies don’t want to get in touch with middle priced instruments. The motto of Sire is to offer the best quality guitar is at the lowest price possible. The Sire brand has already approached many big companies for advertising and expanding their business.


There is a wide range of guitar brands available but the Sire stands out of the box. This makes it easy for the user to go for the best one as per his/her choice. To add on, the sound amplication option whether to choose an inbuilt one or plug in an extra output is also available for the user. A good company with so many features and inexpensive labeled guitars makes it a perfect option for the users to buy. The company is looking forward to make more inexpensive guitars in order to fulfil all musical freshers dream. Ending it all, the Sire brand is one of the best brands to trust upon, it’s worth buying. You can go for it.

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