24*7 Train ambulance service from Delhi to Patna- Go easy on the wallet

Train ambulance service in Delhi

Looking for excellent train ambulance service from Delhi and Patna at a low cost? Aeromed train ambulance service is here to help.

Delhi being the capital city of India, having advance health care facility, is often flooded with outstation patients for better medical treatment. While in case of emergency, it is recommended to make the onward journey with an air ambulance, but when returning after treatment, if it is not that urgent, you can avail the train ambulance service which offers similar facilities at a much low price.

Patients are transferred from Delhi to Patna through Aeromed’s high-quality train ambulance service which is equipped with top-class equipment to cater the needs of all type of patients- From heart patients to patients whose mobility is limited- we are here to ensure you and your loved one have a safe and worry-free voyage.

In case of complicated illness or surgeries, which requires expert medical facilities, Aeromed’s train ambulance service in Patna is very effective in the timely transfer of patients.

Salient features of Aeromed’s train ambulance Services

  • Transfer of patients through train ambulance service is economical and cost-effective.
  • Highly experienced doctors and medical staff
  • Complete bed to bed service
  • Our support staff will be there at the station to receive you and will accompany you throughout to ease your journey
  • Well equipped Train coaches- We have ambulance services at AC 2 tier, 3 tier coaches.

Aside from train ambulance service, Aeromed is the pioneer of air ambulance services in India. Our air ambulance services have played a vital role in timely transfers of patients. We understand the criticality of emergency transfers and keeping that in mind we’ve designed a low-cost air ambulance service which is within reach of every working class. Also, our air and train ambulance cost are universal at all time. We understand that no one plans a medical emergency, and thus we don’t charge extra for a last-minute booking. Train ambulance service in Delhi and Patna is one of the cheapest modes of intercity medical transfers. At Aeromed, we are determined to go easy on your wallet.

How to book train ambulance and where to get the quotation for the train ambulance costs?

If you’re wondering how to book train ambulance service or want to know the train ambulance cost, call us or write to us. Whether it’s a short notice flight or a planned journey on a future date, our customer support team is available 24*7 to assist you with your needs.

Other services

Headquarter in Delhi, Aeromed provides a wide range of services in Patna and other Indian cities. Our most prominent services include

Executive Charter air ambulance – We can arrange charter services for large groups. Hence if you want your family to accompany you for medical treatment, our executive charter air ambulance service is appropriate for you

Commercial Stretcher Air Ambulance– If your mobility is limited, but you need to be transferred to another city, we have our Commercial Stretcher Air ambulance service for you where you can carry out the entire journey in a stretcher, even inside the flight. Our ground assistance will be there to assist you with all the medical needs.

Neonatal and Paediatric air ambulance – Neonatal transfers can be crucial. There are special requirements for the transfer of neonatal or newborn babies. Fortunately, Aeromed is the pioneer of neonatal or Paediatric air ambulance service in India.

Medical tourism– If you fall sick while on tour or in a different country, our medical tourism team and medical repatriation team will be at your service.

Organ Transplant Transport– An organ transplant transport is one of the essential services in the medical transport industry. Aeromed is well connected with top hospitals all over the country. Firstly, the availability of organs are limited. Secondly, even if a vital organ such as a liver is available, in 80% of the cases, it is not with the same city. Thanks to the connectivity of aeromed with top hospitals. Whenever the required organ is available, we waste no time in transferring it to the destination city.

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