Bel-Patra: Uses, Benefits, Vastu Significance


Bel-Patra is a plant also called bilva-patra in Sanskrit. The term’bilva’ signifies the bel tree and’patra’ means foliage. The plant bel patra also comprises the bel fruit that includes a tough shell and tastes somewhat tangy. There are respective titles and pronunciations of all bel patra based on the area you belong to in India. The plant includes a cultural, social, and therapeutic significance.

Bael which goes together with the manly name Aegle marmelos is a middle-sized shrub, with branches that are slender, pale brown bark which often hastens a raw gum. The leaves of bael are very distinctive, trifoliate in form that means each leaf contains approximately 4 to 12 pairs of unwanted veins adjacent in the perimeter.

Despite synonymous — the term’Wood Apple’ shouldn’t be confused with the other comparable fruit Kaitha Bael at Hindi, Velaga Pandu at Telugu, Vilam Palam in Tamil that belongs together with the manly name Limonia acidissima as such equally veggies differ in taste, color and possessions.

The Bael fruits are globose in shape, with a tough exterior and it does not split open upon ripening. The raw fruits seem greenish grey while the woody outside turns yellow upon ripening. The ripened fruit comprises aromatic pulp with approximately 10 to 15 seeds, included in a sac full of organic paste.

Bael tree also includes a enormous religious significance in Hindu scriptures. Believed as the favorite tree of Lord Maha Shiva, the goodness of the botanical wonder found a particular mention in Rig Veda and can also be considered as the house of Goddess Lakshmi for riches and prosperity. Bilva leavesfruits form a significant role whilst worshipping Lord Shiva.

It’s packed with vitamin B1 and B2, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, carotene and owns great amounts of minerals such as potassium, calcium, fiber and fats that are good.

These fruits are popular for antioxidant, anti inflammatory and diuretic properties and it’s been used for its medicinal and curative properties in Ayurveda, Siddha and other kinds of alternative medicine for centuries.

And if you’re thinking about, the way to incorporate these hard-exterior fruits in your everyday diet, the ideal method is to drink homemade bael sherbet. Popular in Odisha and West Bengal that this sherbet functions as an instantaneous body cooler as well as an energizer on a bright day.


Once we speak about worshipping Lord Shiva bel patra is among the most significant stones offered.

It’s thought that the 23rd Tirthankara, Parshavantha, achieved nirvana below this tree.


Medicinal importance of bel patra:

It may also interest you to learn more about the varied applications of bel patra. Can it be used as a medication or a facial pack for treating skin issues or swallowed as a refreshing lemonade, bel patra gains in every manner.

Bel patra has rather unique medicinal advantages. Its fruit is a rich source of minerals and vitamins which includes vitamin C, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamin B1, B6, and B12 – which is needed for the general growth and development of the human body.

Based on Ayurveda there are three doshas Vatta, Pitta and Kapha and also the usage of bel patra will help in balancing each of the 3 doshas. Bel berry includes antioxidants also has laxative properties which help heal stomach-related ailments like diarrhea, dysentery, nausea and in addition, it creates the digestive system more powerful. Consumption of bel patra helps restrain lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart issues, and cholesterol.

Bel patra advantages for skin care:

  • Should \ you’ve got odor problems as a result of excessive perspiration and rashes on skin then employing the combination of bel patra for a couple days can allow you to alter your own body odor.
  • The combination of bel patra eliminates the white area of skin developed via the negative effects of medication.
  • We locate that the bel patra plant in quite a few areas since it’s generally grown in the woods. To develop a bel plant in home the very best time to sow the origin is through the monsoon. The plant carries away all of the negative vibes and also fills the environment with positivity because it also confers great health and prosperity. Lighting diya below the bel tree is very good for gaining awareness.

Scientific Properties Of Belpatra

It is trifoliate form signifies the 3 elements or’gunas’ specifically the Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. It’s thought that the centre component of the Bilva foliage has the organic attribute to entice the Sattva or the favorable energies towards itself. Thus, as soon as a person influenced by adverse energies touches the Belpatra, the favorable energies have been moved to him/her.

Bilva or Bael

Bael, also called the “Wood Apple”, is a species indigenous to India. The Bilva tree is regarded as sacred to the Hindus. A renowned beverage called sherbet is created of the bael fruit and it’s been famous for its medicinal properties as 2000 BC.

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