Non-surgical Ways to Say Goodbye to Double Chin

double chin removal non surgical

With weight gain, hormonal imbalance, obesity, etc., an extra layer of fat is deposited under the chin, causing submental fullness. This double chin gives a rounder and swollen appearance to the whole facial profile. As you age, there is a loss of fat in the upper facial region and fat accumulation in the lower half visible as a double chin. Also, because of lower blood and lymphatic circulation, which will make you look older. 

You might be exercising or working hard to lose those extra kilos every day, but you can still have a prominent double chin. Why? Because of a genetic predisposition, which means it can be hereditary. 

There are quite a few treatments to remove the fat and restore your jawline to its healthy appearance. To a certain extent, the type of treatment depends on the person and on how elastic the skin and deeper tissues are.

Young people with good skin elasticity have more options for double chin removal non surgical ways. The times are gone when surgery used to be the only answer. Now there are seven non-invasive methods to choose from. 

1. Thermage:

One of the most popular non-surgical double chin removal treatments is the mage, which tightens the skin of the face, forehead, and neck. Through the application of radiofrequency energy, collagen production is increased, and the skin becomes tight.

2. Coolsculpting:

This is a relatively new procedure and proven effective at reducing double chins. CoolSculpting is a double chin removal nonsurgical technique that uses controlled cooling to target and destroys localized fat deposits. Through a process called crystallization, fatty tissues are reduced and eventually dissolve.

3. Photo Rejuvenation:

Another non-surgical double chin removal option is photorejuvenation, also known as Broad Band Light. This procedure stimulates the skin cells to produce new collagen, resulting in a firmer complexion and better skin elasticity.

4. Belkyra:

This synthetic deoxycholic acid (a chemical naturally occurring in the body) breaks up the absorption of dietary fat. Upon injection into the chin, Belkyra can wipe out fat cells so that they do not return.

5. Skin Resurfacing:

This includes treatments such as pro fractional microdermabrasion, laser treatment, and epidermal peels. These treatments can treat fine lines, mild skin laxity, and wrinkles by peeling off the top layers of your skin. Skin resurfacing also encourages collagen production in your skin and results in firmer, younger-looking skin.

If your double chin is minimal or less prominent, this might be the best double chin removal non surgical option because you get the bonus of treating wrinkles at the same time.

6. Weight loss and exercise:

For a relatively minor issue, you can try different exercises for the chin. For example, tilting the head back and thrusting the jaw ahead stretches and strengthens the muscles in the neck area near the jaw. Doing this 20 times, three times during the day for five to seven weeks, strengthens the muscles, tightens them, and can pull the neck back into normal shape. Combined with weight loss, you can see some results, but, while exercise and weight loss can make a difference, they may only be useful for minor and mild cases not very helpful with a significant double chin. 

7. Accent Body Contouring:

It is another effective double chin removal non surgical method because it treats cellulite and tightens up the loose skin. Along with reducing fat, your skin surface texture may improve with Accent body contouring. It uses radiofrequency technology to stimulate the production of new collagen by heating the skin’s inner layer. There are little side effects with no discomfort, making this option appealing to a variety of people. You can immediately resume your typical day after Accent body contouring.

The bottom line is double chins are notoriously hard to shed.  Thanks to the inconvenient location, exercising that part of the body is a little difficult and uncomfortable.  For some people, the neck exercises can be a little painful due to prior injuries or age-related spinal ailments restricting movement.  Even people with healthy diets or lifestyles are sometimes genetically prone to storing fat underneath the chin before storing it in other parts of the body.  For those who have a significant and prominent double chin, no amount of diet or exercise seems to be enough to get rid of that double-chin for good.

Thanks to recent advances in non-surgical fat reduction technology, it’s now possible to shed that double-chin without going under the knife.  

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