How to Learn Not to Overeat?

When a person has a feeling of hunger, he can no longer control his willpower and therefore tries to quickly drown out the feeling of emptiness in the stomach. And very often you do not think about the consequences, eating high-calorie pastries or sweets, causing harm to your body. And then you make a promise to yourself that you must lose extra pounds because you want to buy the outfit that you like, which should ideally fit your figure. 

It’s best to stifle hunger with some healthy fruit, such as an apple or grapefruit than sweets, so you don’t regret the weight you have gained. Each time it is very difficult for you to resist the temptation, so as not to enjoy something tasty. 

Over time, you will learn to control the amount of food you need, and the weight will return to normal. Just like how you learn “what is kush” and how beneficial medically approved can be for yourself? How to learn to control yourself in this situation, when you are hungry and forget about overeating? There is nothing complicated here, as it might seem at first glance, it is enough to observe a number of simple rules.

Try to eat breakfast correctly

The charge of the vivacity of your body for the first half of the day depends on a full breakfast. It is best to prefer low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, as well as fruits and cocoa or freshly squeezed orange juice. Thanks to these products, your body will receive proteins, carbohydrates, and calcium. And in terms of calories, this set should be approximately 220 kcal. 

And you can easily forget about snacks before lunch, which is very harmful to the figure. Try to eat less, but more often – this is the main principle, so as not to feel discomfort. And for the main meal, find a more reasonable approach, because the right breakfast does not allow hunger to defeat the voice of reason. Remember the list of products for weight loss.

Do not confuse the thirst with the desire to eat

Many people very often have an incredible feeling of hunger, sometimes an hour before dinner, and few can resist the temptation to eat something tasty. 

Try in this situation, drink a little water, and listen to your feelings. Probably, the body just feels thirsty, and it may seem that you are hungry. 

Get a full “charge” of calories before and after sports

Before you go to classes in the gym or work out at home on the simulator for weight loss many girls try to eat nothing, assuming that, thus, they will get rid of unnecessary kilograms much faster. But this is an erroneous opinion because after training many people have an incredible appetite and a desire to eat from the heart. 

In order to avoid overeating, you need to eat a slice of whole-grain bread and unsweetened yogurt about half an hour before training in sports. And after playing sports, to restore the supply of proteins and carbohydrates, you can eat another yogurt and a small handful of nuts with dried fruits. Make sure that the total calorie content of foods does not exceed 400 kcal

Chew your food thoroughly and leisurely

While eating, you do not need to be distracted by watching TV or reading a book but focus all your attention on the contents on the plate. Chew food well, preferably more slowly, to enjoy the process. 

It is worth remembering that a feeling of fullness occurs 15 minutes after the amount of food you need has got into the stomach. Therefore, the faster a person eats, the more he eats. Enjoy the food in order to understand in time when to finish.

Do not follow the “covenants” of grandmothers

There is such a well-known joke that for your grandmother you will forever remain the thinnest and constantly hungry granddaughter. Many people remember how in childhood you were forced to eat everything to the last bite, regardless of the size of the portion, and in no case should you leave food leftovers on a plate. 

Of course, it is worth listening to the advice of adults, but not in this case. Your body itself knows when to stop

Try to avoid stressful situations

In life, very often you have to experience a lot of experiences and troubles. And not everyone manages to cope with stress, so many try to improve their difficult life by starting to eat candy, various cakes, and chocolate in unlimited quantities. And, in the end, they can no longer deprive themselves of such pleasure. 

The stress hormone cortisol is to blame for all this, it causes a false feeling of a lack of carbohydrates. But it’s enough just to try to relax to your favorite music or take a walk while admiring the scenery. It is very important to be able to control yourself in stressful situations and learn to recognize the needs of your body.

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