The Disadvantages of Drug Addiction

The most common addiction is drug addiction. Substance abuse is not easy to handle, but drug addiction side effects are many – and none of them are good. Plenty of different addictions have side effects, but drug abuse can affect your health and your appetite. If the drugs in question are abused too much, death is usually the most negative side effect of all.

The daily struggles of substance abusers are tough enough, and the overuse of prescription drugs is one of the things that is responsible for the destruction of so many lives. Prescription drugs can be offered after sports injuries, car accidents, long-term chronic pain – you name it and pills are offered. You can even find that prescription drugs can be offered for the symptoms of aging, relieving stress and other emotional instability issues. Coming back off those drugs is not easy and something offered by a doctor isn’t always the best thing for your health – not when addiction is a possible side effect.

Young people succumb to the lure of street drugs, and this leads to involvement in crime and other negative activities that affect life in the long term. We’re talking about poor academic performance, avoidable accidents leading to stays in hospitals and even recklessness beyond anything else. The thing is, while teenagers are ill informed and become sucked into a world of drugs, adults are also embroiled in it and this is a huge problem. They know the negative side effects of drug abuse, and they can’t help but use drugs anyway because the addiction has already kicked in. It’s no longer a choice but a lifeline.

Bipolar disorder is a common side effect of long-term drug misuse. Manic episodes occur and the condition itself is a chronic one and if there is no proper treatment for it, there are more episodes of mania. Usually, prescription lithium is used to control bipolar disorder, but it’s not a given for the sufferer, but severely high and low mood swings are the result without medication to control it. The kicker is that someone in recovery often refuses further prescription drugs, which then makes the bipolar disorder unmanageable. The key is in knowing when it’s okay to say yes to medication therapy to help.

Of course, bipolar disorder can develop as a result of genetics, but the most common cause is drug and alcohol abuse. Patients abuse drugs to relieve themselves of the mania and depression, and the self-medication is not actually helping at all in their mood swings. In some cases, long term, drug abuse can lead to brain conditions that are irreversible. This kind of damage caused by drugs and alcohol abuse needs to be made aware to those who are considering taking drugs as the disadvantages severely outweigh the pros of a high.

It’s always better to be aware about what can be done to prevent and cure the side effects of substance abuse, as these addiction disadvantages can affect you for the rest of your life. Getting help is the best prevention and cure for substance abuse side effects.

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