How do you remember your, first love?

Often people who idealize the first infatuation have problems with subsequent relationships because they are trying to find an unattainable ideal, which does not exist. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages and it will never be perfect. Alright! First love is so valuable that it allows us to gain knowledge about what is really important in a relationship and what partner will suit us in the future, it shapes our conscious choice. If it is platonic, it can be a kind of muse, the spiritual inspiration for us. It is the first stage and a step to the next stages of love.

In a few years, many other things will count for us together with a partner: education, religion, political affiliation or even social status. We will remember our first love because it will remind us of the years of carefree youth or how it helped us to survive difficult moments. We should not close ourselves to the world and people after unhappy first love, because it is a valuable experience. If we start to have a healthy distance from our experiences, as we age, our choices will be more prudent, conscious and more mature.

It is up to us to decide whether we want to use the potential of first love to rejuvenate and revive the present relationship and feel young. Despite the years.

Do you remember your youthful loves?

Of course. There were several of them. I remember one in particular as an experience that changed me, took me to a different orbit. I met her on family holidays, I fell head over heels in love. When I got home, I noticed that I had lost touch with my friends and colleagues. My sensitivity increased, I felt everything very intensely – music, sunsets, landscapes. I read poetry, lyrics that spoke to me like never before. I could feel the lining poems, every rhythm, rhyme, feeling between words. I felt as if the world was penetrating me through an open heart. I marveled at the beauty of my girlfriend, saw the beauty all around. I was surprised that others did not admire the world whose uniqueness amazed me so much.

This is the magic. The magic of first love. Most often it passes quickly, and yet leaves a trace of: openness, delight, devotion, beauty, innocence… A mystical experience. 

How do we react when we fall in love?

We experience a very strong bond with a loved one. We dream. We miss you. We are concerned that we may lose it. It is also one of the first ego-crossing experiences. Someone in love is no longer sufficient for himself. A loved one becomes more important than friends, plans, goals. Its absence is clearly felt, it hurts. Without it, life loses its flavor. If love is reciprocated, we feel resonance, understanding without words – it is difficult to put into words resonance at the level of existence. It’s like discovering a secret. A mystery that is reserved only for us – lovers.

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