Inappropriate fashion trends you must avoid right now!

No matter how much we talk and write about how men are interested in fashion, Living in Trend and follow fashion trends to the same extent as women, it is not true. A small number are those who are interested in fashion in general, look at and measure many models before buying a garment. But at the same time, they want to be dressed in nice clothes that fit them and fit them perfectly as a size. Some men have a flair and their own style of dress and are not particularly interested in whether they are dressed according to the latest fashion trends or not. This is very good, but not everyone is obliged to have this innate sense. Another part they wear clothes like the “others” and try not to be very different, especially from their friends. In fact, these are normal and completely natural things for male nature.

Men’s fashion is changing almost as fast as women’s. But men themselves often do not have enough time to comply with it. Here are some of the worst trends in menswear that you should avoid.

1. Shirt with buttons under a thin sweater

No, there is nothing wrong with the combination of shirt and sweater. The problem comes from the thickness of the knitting. The thin sweater emphasizes all the folds, seams and buttons of the shirt. In this way, it looks more massive and more neglected.

What to do: It’s easy – just buy a thicker sweater. The seller in the store can help you make your choice. The most important rule is to put it on immediately over the shirt to make sure it fits well and you feel comfortable.

2. A suit that looks like a “curtain”

Costumes that look like they are made of curtains, tapestries or something like that are not in fashion at all. In the past, people used them because they thought that shiny textiles looked better than others. The same goes for shirts that can dazzle with their radiance. Modern fashion is associated with simplicity and comfort, so there is no need to keep these clothes in your wardrobe.

What to do: If you do not like black blazers and want to wear something lighter in the office, then bet on a suit in burgundy or purple.

3. T-shirts with a deep V-neck

The deep V-neckline, which reveals much of the hair on your chest, doesn’t always look good unless you’re a football star. Therefore, we are glad that this fashion has passed. And he never has to go back.

What to do: If you are a real macho who “dies” from the heat in the summer, you should wear cotton T-shirts. They are made of natural material that does not retain heat. In addition, they are much better than synthetic ones.

4. Tight jeans

Tight jeans, which emphasize the lower part of the body, are no longer fashionable. They were once, but for a short time. If you have similar jeans, put them in a suitable place and use them when the trend returns.

What to do: Choose tight jeans that start to narrow from the beginning of the knees and do not tighten the legs. It shows that you know how to style.

5. Sportswear

Sportswear is designed for dancing, training and other similar activities. They can be used for these purposes, but not to walk around the city with them or go on dates.

What to do: Choose pants made of cotton. If you want to keep the sports element in your appearance, then look at various sporty-elegant clothes on the Internet for example.

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