Top 6 Creative Ways You Can Entertain Guests at Your Wedding You’ve Never Thought of

If you’re wondering what your guests will remember the most about your wedding, it’s not about how everything looked nice, it’s about how your wedding made them feel. Whether it’s the final send-off, moving ceremony, and all the fun of partying, the important thing is how your guest enjoyed your big day. 

Almost all of you already know the importance of amazing food, hiring the best DJ in town, or getting the most popular rocking band. However, there are so many unique ways you can leave a mark on your guests if you don’t know it. So, if you’re preparing for your upcoming wedding with your wedding coordinator, here are some of the out-of-the-box entertainment ideas you can do: 

1. Indoor or outdoor wedding games 

Sometimes, you need to be creative with how you want to entertain your wedding guests. Remember, it doesn’t matter how many hours you’ve spent planning the seating chart, there will always be a number of people who don’t know each other that well. So, what can you do? You can do fun games and props that will make the conversation going. If the venue has a great outdoor space, you can consider giant Jenga, croquet, or rounders that always win the hearts of guests. 

It’s also fine if your venue doesn’t have an outside area, or in case it rains, it a nice idea to have some indoor games. For the indoor games, you can prepare a ping pong table, or even board games in the corner so guests can play together and interact, especially those people who don’t know each other. Aside from that, for the non-dancing guests, you can have little table quizzes, playing cards, and brain teaser games throughout the evening. 

2. Get the best entertainers 

Honestly, it’s known how magicians are always a hit on every occasion. Many people think that once guests have already seated at their tables, the entertainment is over. Although the great food and drinks will keep your guests energized throughout the night, having an entertainer who will interact with them can even provide a more memorable evening! 

You can hire a magician, fortune teller, or a celebrity impersonator to make the night even unforgettable and engaging. A celebrity look-alike would be a great idea too if you like your guests to have great photo opportunities. In addition, you can also have live painters or caricature drawers to perform for your guests. Entertainers like them can definitely liven up drinks in the reception also. 

3. Hire a professional mixologist 

It seems like bottles of wine on the table and open bars of beer and G&Ts are already expected on every wedding occasion. So, why not make it different and impress your guests by having a mixologist expert to create stand-out cocktails and perform a wonderful show. Or you can try to have DIY drinks, where guests can make and mix their own drinks. Add some cotton candy, marshmallows, fresh fruits, and edible flowers that everyone will surely love. You can also do some carnival elements to your wedding by providing guests with drinks as tokens. 

4. Place food stations 

Did you know that food is a great entertainment also? It may not be the traditional way to entertain guests but it’s a unique way for enabling guests to interact with each other. If some of your guests strictly follow a specific dietary plan or requirements, food stations are the best way to provide guests with more options. Plus, you can also try tacos that are ready to be prepared at the table or a hot grill for people to cook their own steak or bbq. And of course, we can’t forget the sweets and desserts! Create a big snack table that’s filled with sugary treats like doughnuts, chocolate fountain, waffles, and more. If you like to go a little extra with your sweets, set up an ice cream station or fresh crepe stall, and make sure that you have various toppings for it. 

5. Allow your guests to win a prize

Yes, prizes are not only made for birthdays but also for weddings as well. It’s a nice token of appreciation for your guests who came all the way to attend your big day. With a prize draw, collect all the names of your guests and let them put their names in a bowl for the opportunity to win something big that will be raffled and drawn during the night. This will definitely entertain your guests since it will bring them a sense of excitement and something to look forward to, particularly for younger guests. But remember that all the prizes should suit for all ages and gender. 

6. Let them jump on a bouncy castle

This may sound ridiculous but don’t underrate the greatness of a bouncy castle. It’s not only to keep the kids entertained, but you can also allow adults to be a kid for a day and just let go. Of course, one the adults have had several glasses of champagne, we’re sure that they’ll be excited to unleash their inner child out of them. However, ladies should be reminded to keep their stilettos of and glasses should not be allowed in the bouncy castle. 

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