Waistcoat men

Fashion has become the apple of everyone’s eye who wants to try a different look and dares to bring a change in the annoying clothing trend.

Waistcoat design

It has an impeccable impression with clean lines that flatter a masculine frame; if you are fat, slim or athletic, the waistcoat can be worn by any body type and on every occasion. It’s declared as the most practical suiting trend in the year 2020.

The waistcoat is the most fundamental part of three-piece suiting. However, a waistcoat in Pakistan has its stylish standards.

Hot Trend – Waistcoat Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is a hot and latest trend of wearing a waistcoat with shalwar kameez, many teenagers, youngsters, and even middle-aged men are opting for this fashion. The pattern was first introduced by the famous Pakistani celebrity Fawad Khan, who was seen in numerous events wearing a waistcoat with formals and casuals. Later caught more attention by the most regarded TV series held by Fahad Mustafa.

Shalwar Kameez with a Waistcoat

A shalwar kameez is incomplete without a waistcoat in this new era; it comes in a lot of waistcoat designs. If you are planning to purchase your waistcoat but do not know about the fabric, texture, pattern, or how to carry it casually or formally, we will guide you. 

Purchase a dark color waistcoat that will be suitable for all white shalwar kameez. If you are a dark shalwar kameez lover, go for textured or pattern prints that enhance your ensemble.

How to Purchase a Trending waistcoat Pakistan

When it comes to shopping for a waistcoat, keep this in mind that texture wins always. The excellent texture fabric is wool, tweed, cotton, linen, and corduroy or brushed. Check the structure to be one of these, and it should have natural fibers added to it. Go for original cloth and stay away from synthetics. 

Why you need a waistcoat?

A waistcoat is supposed to make you look more firm and stylish. For that, always button up. It worked best and was made to be worn this way. It was a rule in ancient times when the English kings became too fat; only the last button was untucked so they can ride a horse. Other than that, it made them look slimmer and firmer while wearing a waistcoat. The look was fanaticized, and here the trend has been following in the same way.

Colors, materials, and patterns

The colors, materials, and patterns are the most essential when shopping for a waistcoat. If it’s summer, then go for linen or cotton, but if its winter season, then goes for tweed or cord fabrics. Color of waistcoat can be black, grey, blue, and green. These colors are suitable with almost every other shade and tones. Monochrome prints and geometric prints can also boost your entire look.

Never purchase Synthetic or Cheap Fabrics

Do not purchase shiny synthetic fabrics as it will give a second look and do not opt for funky or jazzy looks either unless it’s a theme party. In waistcoat fashion, it is said, the simpler, the hotter.

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