All You Need to Know About Formal Shoes

A formal shoe might only a type of several different types of shoes available on the market today. However, there are several things that you need to know about formal shoes. Unlike most other types of shoes, there is a lot of misconception about formal shoes. Here is everything you need to know about formal shoes.

  • A formal shoe is not just limited to one or two types of shoes –

Yes, while there are strictly and semi-formal shoes, these are just the basic terms. There is a different type of formal shoes available on the market today.

  1. Oxford formal shoes
  2. Monk strap formal shoes
  3. Derby formal shoes
  4. Brogue formal shoes
  5. Loafer formal shoes
  6. Formal boots

Oxford formal shoes are the ones most people know, even derby and monk strap are commonly known to most customers. However, only a minority do know that there is a brogue, loafer, and boots formal shoes are available. It is not just the style that defines a formal shoe, but the true definition of formal shoes is represented in the form of material, style, stitching, and color. Only the combination of these could define a formal shoe.

  • The size of a formal shoe should be perfect –

This is where a formal shoe is entirely different from other shoes, most commonly, gym shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, should be slightly larger than the required size for comfort. However, formal shoes should not be selected this way. It should be of perfect size, when worn with a sock a formal shoe should be comfortable to wear. The user should be able to move the toes with ease. Therefore, a formal shoe should be of perfect size, not smaller or larger than the actual size.

  • Formal shoes are no way designed for rough use, even though most formal shoes are expensive when compared to other types of shoes, they are not to be worn for heavy-duty work. A formal shoe will last long only if you take care of it. We know people who have been using the same formal shoe for at least 7-years.
  • Leather formal shoes are comparatively more stylish and classier than other formal shoes. Yes, if compared to formal shoes made from anything other than leather, the style, comfort, and definition offered by the leather formal shoe is unmatchable.
  • Formal shoes are only available for men and not women, this is not true –

Yes, formal shoes are available for both men and women. While the formal shoe for men and formal shoes for women have a small difference. It would be unwise to assume that there is no formal shoe for women.

  • A black formal shoe will pair with almost anything. Therefore, always consider having a pair of black formal shoes. Remember, a single pair of formal shoe might not be a wise option, consider purchasing more than one or two formal shoes, so that you could use each for different occasions. 
  • Formal shoe color is not just limited to shades of brown and black these days, there are maroon, blue, white, and other colors too.

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