What is a microfiber cloth used for?

Like all the other jobs, cleaning could be made easier and quicker if the microfiber is used. Microfiber cloths have been in use for a long time, but the benefits offered is commonly neglected by most people. In this 21st century if you are a person who still uses a sponge for cleaning purposes, then it is time you switch to using a microfiber cloth.

A few of the top benefits offered by a microfiber cloth is as listed below.

  1. Microfiber cloth is super absorbent – Yes, like a sponge, microfiber cloth comes with asterisk-like structure, which makes it incredibly absorbent.
  2. Microfiber cloth is more worth – A microfiber cloth is comparatively expensive, but it lasts longer and could absorb almost 6 times more fluid than a sponge.
  3. Highly versatile – Most people believe that microfiber cloths are just for regular cleaning using water. This is not true; a microfiber cloth could do more than that.

Here are the 6 things a microfiber cloth could be used to do –

  1. Clean countertops –

Kitchen spill is a common nemesis to most people, if you are one of them, a microfiber cloth could be your savior. It could help you wipe away the spills, just like regular towels do, but more efficiently. While other cleaning tools require chemicals for maximum cleaning efficiency, a microfiber cloth does not require such agents, as its fiber structure could efficiently remove anything.

  • Clean reflective and smooth surface –

One of the most important issues that you could face while cleaning a reflective, smooth, or polished surface is that cleaning could leave scratches on the surface. However, since the fiber structure of a microfiber cloth is different from most of the other cleaning tools, a microfiber cloth could clean any polished or reflective surface without scratching its surface.

  • Clean baseboards –

If you want a squeaky-clean cupboard, then you must clean the baseboards regularly. However, it is not easy to clean the baseboard. The cleaning process could be messier if you are not experienced. However, using a microfiber cloth, the cleaning could be done with ease as they come with microscopic split fibers that grab the dust and dirt particles efficiently in a single wipe.

  • Cleaning car interior –

Cleaning a car interior is not an easy task, especially if the dashboard and other parts have a rough surface. Most commonly, people use a regular towel to clean the car interior, cleaning with a towel is comparatively time-consuming and inefficient. But, the same cleaning if done with a microfiber cloth for car, the result could be excellent and the time-consumed for the cleaning would be comparatively very less.

  • Could be used to clean electronic products –

Cleaning an electronic product is limited to dusting or vacuum cleaning, water cannot be used. In such circumstances, a cloth that could grab all the dirt efficiently is very effective. This is why a microfiber cloth is best for cleaning as it could grab all the dust and dirt on a surface without water.

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