7+ Actionable Tips for selecting The Best Power Bank in 2020

Power bank Buying Guide

In this post, I am going to share you five most actionable tips for selecting the best power bank.

So if you are going to buy a portable power bank, then this article is beneficial for you.

You know that the buying guide is how much essential before purchase a power bank, as through the buying guide, you can conveniently find the best power bank with many available features. 

Besides, you can get information about power banks technology. 

1. Battery Capacity

 The battery is the main factor to run a power bank.so, first of all, then you have to check battery capacity when you are going to buy a power bank 

The power bank should have a minimum battery capacity of 10000 mAH, which power bank you are going to choose.

If you choose a power bank with long-lasting battery capacity, you can conveniently charge your device multiple times.


Before selecting a power bank, you must check how many ports are in the power bank to charge your device.

Also, check which type of connector is attached, if there are type C connectors, it may prove to be right for you, but you will get a bit more, and you may have to invest.

If the power bank has a Type C connector feature, then you can charge your smartphone quickly and do not have to wait long.

3. Warranty

The power bank you select should have a warranty of at least 6 to 12 months because if your power bank has a more extended warranty, then you can change it in the future if there is any defect on the power bank.

4.Battery Type

There are two types of battery used in the power bank, from which one is lithium- polymer battery, and another is a lithium-ion battery.

Most lithium polymer batteries are found in today’s power bank, because such cells are very light and thin, which makes the power bank lighter.

On the other hand, lithium-ion batteries are available at a much lower price, so these types of cells are still in use today.

So you should check which type of battery is in the power bank you are going to choose.


Price also matters a lot for the quality of the power bank, so if your budget is good enough, then you invest a little more money and buy a top-quality power bank, which will help you to use it for a long time.

But you can also find the best quality power banks in the flame budget.


There are so many types of power bank manufacturers are available in the market, like Mi, Zebronic, Redmi, Ambrane, and Philips.

Choose the power bank of one of these, as these are trendy brands, which we know as the best quality product manufacturer in India.


Before selecting a power bank, also check whether the weight of the power bank is light or heavy.

If the weight of the power bank is lighter, then it can prove to be the best for you, because if you buy a lightweight power bank, it can be easy to carry anywhere and also you can feel very comfortable when using it.

8.LED Indicator

If the power bank has a LED indicator light , then it can be beneficial for you, as this can help you to quickly check the percentage of charge are available in the power bank. 


Size does not matter much for the power bank’s quality, but you should choose a small size power bank. You can go anywhere by holding your hand comfortably.

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