Best Instagram Analytics Tools in 2020

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Many people run their business on Instagram and want to know about their performance by identifying their business insights. Earlier, people also criticized Insta for not providing any analytics tools that describe the performance and optimize their posts.

Then, over time, Instagram launched IG Insights for the people who run their business. However, this has not changed the development of other private applications and online help that these tools provide for the known influencers & brands.

Maybe you are looking for the best analytics tools in 2020. Are you?

This article will provide information regarding the most reliable analytics tools in 2020 for the businessmen who invest their vitality in optimizing their posts to achieve their defined objectives.

Why there is Need to Use Instagram Analytics?

Every business needs to know about its performance, where millions of Insta profiles are running their business. Therefore, they want to identify who is interested in their posts or who view their ads.

Instagram analytics tools help to interpret the stats given by Instagram metrics just like, likes, views, and comments count is a metrics and how fast the growth of your business is analytic.

Analytics tools are important who informs you about irrelevant traffic and notifies y’all not to post on non-optimal hours just like other online tools that present you many facilities like Gramvio is a tool that facilitates Instagrammers by giving an opportunity to download videos and pictures.

Moreover, Insta down detector presents the news of all the problems regarding IG on time.

Following is the list of most reliable Analytics Tools 2020. Let’s dive in!

1. Hypeauditor

This tool presents third-party analytics without any subscription to trace your Insta progress. This platform came out of the hype factory in 2017 when the organization determined to concentrate on its abilities i.e. reports and analytics.

Hype auditor presents an accurate audience quality rate and secure service to the influencers by using AI to identify irregular and deception followers. Anyone who gets more than seventy scores should seem satisfied.

2. Pixlee

This analytics tool is used to control and observe the post review and suggest reliable ideas further. It has an automatic feature for reporting to display the performance summary every week.

You can use this data to identify known personalities of Insta easily & can connect with those who publish regarding your business. From this tool, you can trace the growth of followers, hashtags, and statistics to find your top-rated content.


This company presents Insta Analytics tools and hashtags analytics including a free trial of 14 days. This tool can assist you to generate reports in PDF, which can give you perspicacity on metrics

Like the increase in your audience, photo filters, post engagement score, etc. You can also shift your data in the format you want and this thing assists you to hold other known personalities in the loop regarding your Insta marketing accomplishments.

4. Icon square

This tool is intended for providing solutions for social monitoring and marketing and also tracks your hashtags, Insta analytics, & competitors. From this tool, you can easily schedule and set new posts and keep an eye on what people are saying about your business. The analytics display trends regarding the engagement of your posts and give opinions about your performance.

5. Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an inbuilt analytics tool that will serve for tracking the Insta audience, post engagement, and more but only when you turn your personal account into a business account. From this tool, you can also compare your actual post with an improved version of the post to verify your accomplishments. This tool is inside an Instagram but you can use this only on your cell phone.

Now that you know all about analytics tools, you can now grow your business using the tools you need.

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