Buying an iPhone? Don’t Forget to Buy an iPhone Protection Plan

Apple iPhones are some of the most expensive high-end smartphones of present days. Thus, in case it is lost or stolen, iPhone users can incur substantial financial damage as well as experience a risk of identity theft. But to provide some relief, this phone comes with in-built anti-theft software that is synced with the user’s iCloud account. If the device location is enabled, users can erase or block the data remotely by working through this “Find My Phone” software. However, other damages, breakdown, or loss, especially to its hardware, may require repairing or replacements that can be considerably costly.

Thus, every iPhone user should purchase iPhone insurance India and protect such an expensive device financially. As unforeseen events like accidental damages can happen anytime, it is advisable for individuals to purchase these insurance policies alongside their phone.

Instances covered under the policy –

Several insurance companies provide Apple iPhone insurance India with various benefits. All iPhone devices come with a 1-year limited warranty against software and hardware defects. However, this manufacturer’s warranty is not similar to an insurance cover. So, to cover regular accidental damages and common technical glitches financially, individuals should purchase the best iPhone insurance India. One such policy available in the market is the mobile screen insurance plan from Bajaj Finserv under the Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions offerings.

Different Apple iPhone insurance policies cover damages or losses arising due to various incidents. Therefore, individuals should understand all the terms and conditions before availing one. Some of the instances covered under such a policy include –

  • Burglary and theft cover

Any expenses incurred for iPhone screen replacing or repairing due to theft or burglary are covered under the Bajaj iPhone insurance plan. However, such unforeseen events need to happen inside insured premises for the policyholder to claim coverage. Thus, at the time of purchasing such insurance plans, individuals should understand the limitations of these premises carefully.

  • Liquid and other accidental damage protection

Physical damages due to everyday accidents or liquid spillage like water, beverages, oil, etc. may also require screen repairing or replacements. With iPhone insurance India, policyholders can claim the expenses arising due to these events.

  • Breakdown cover

Similar to every other electronic device, electrical or mechanical breakdown is not that uncommon with iPhones as well. Any such breakdowns are coverable under these insurance policies under specified conditions. For instance, individuals should remember that the reimbursement amount claimed cannot exceed the invoice value of the iPhone. Further, for extended protection to the device’s accessories, individuals can also look for a mobile charger insurance plan that covers damages to such essential accessories from similar events financially.

  • Fire and other perils protection

The best iPhone insurance in India also offers coverage to the iPhone screen from lightning, fire, and implosion damages. Additionally, financial loss to the screen due to natural disasters like earthquake, cyclone, flood, etc. are also covered under these insurance plans.

Claim process –

Usually, individuals need to file the claim within 24 hours of the occurrence of the incidental damage or loss. Along with the claim form, policyholders have to submit the police F.I.R. and original invoice of the purchase. However, the compensation amount is subject to depreciation depending on the initial value and purchased date of the device. Thus, individuals should compare the available product before buying an Phone protection plan.

Further, a laptop is another important device that helps individuals to perform their daily professional as well as personal assignments. While their phone is not working, individuals can use their laptops to complete their tasks. So, in tune to a phone accessory insurance, it is also advisable to financially protect one’s laptop’s accessories from loss or damages by purchasing a laptop charger insurance plan. Lastly, iPhone insurance India may not stop the unforeseen events from happening but can effectively protect the device from the subsequent financial loss. This way, individuals can use the device in requirements without putting a dent in their pockets.

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