How do you protect water damaged iPhone?

Have you recently dropped an iPhone in the water? You dropped it in the bath or maybe another side. And now you want to dry your phone, fix the water damage. Don’t be panic. It seems like a nightmare, but if you do smartly then you can save your phone. You have come to the right place.

It’s just a fact of life. Whether we spill drinks on our phones, drop them in the tub, also have kids who soak them in the sink or any other watery mishaps.

We understand that it is a disheartening piece of time when your iPhone fell into the water. Before you start to fix it read the following measure completely(Telefoon reparatie roosendaal).

But a wet iPhone is not a dead iPhone. Try these tips before you declared your phone dead.

Don’t Do This!

If your phone is soaked then don’t do some important things to save it. If you do accidentally then you might further damage your devices.

1. Don’t use a hairdryer: 

When you dropped your device in water then don’t use the hairdryer immediately to dry it. It is useful sometimes but mostly this technique spread the water in further areas of your gadget. Probably it is best to avoid fan and don’t leave your device on a radiator. That will get too hot and create more damage.

2. Never turn it on: 

Never turn on your phone after a watery mishap, but doing that can short out the electronics inside it and create more damage. You should avoid all the things that can cause electronics. If your phone is off during watery mishap then it is fine, but if it is on then off it immediately to prevent further damage.

Save your wet iPhone

Follow the steps to keep your phone alive:

Remove its Sim Card

After making sure that your phone is turn off then remove the sim if you don’t want more damage. Take the sim out is the best solution. After removing the sim don’t insert the tray back in the phone and leave the slot open.

External Drying

Take the cotton or the tissue paper to wipe the exterior of your phone. If you are using any case then get rid of it. Make smooth movements of your hands while keeping the phone clean. Don’t apply too much pressure while wrapping the phone to minimize the liquid damage.

Leave in a Dry Place

When you feel that you have gotten as much water as possible out of the phone, leave your device in a dry for a few days. Some people leave their phones at the top of the TV where the heat helps to dry the device. Choose whatever you like.

Advance Techniques for Dealing with a Watery mishap iPhone: 

This is the simplest and useful method to save an iPhone by drying-out naturally. There are many advanced options you can try to accelerate the drying-out process.

1. Silica gel packets: 

You know that those few packets that come with some medicine and food that warn you to not eat them? Those packets absorb the moisture. If you cover your iPhone enough with them then they help to suck out the moisture. Getting enough may be a challenge. Try hardware or craft stores.

2. Use Uncooked Rice: 

Uncooked rice is the most famous technique. Get a zip lock bag big enough to hold an iPhone and some rice. Re-insert the sim card. Put the iPhone in the bag and fill out the bag with rice. Leave the bag for a couple of days. In this way, the rice will draw the moisture out of the gadget. Many iPhone has been saved this way.

Don’t use enriched rice because they can leave dust on your phone(Coventry phone repair).

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