How To Know If the Instagram Followers are Real or Fake

How To Know If the Instagram Followers are Real or Fake

Instagram is a powerful tool to promote your brand, especially with a partnership with Instagram influencers. Sales could increase in a matter of days especially with a high number of followers. However, let not the number of followers deceive you as there are reported cases wherein there are fake Instagram followers.

Real accounts grow with using popular hashtags on Instagram, and they can be seen on their posts but also their posts are having good engagement, likes, comments and shares you name it.

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With the increasing number of Instagram users, it is sometimes a challenge to determine the authenticity of Instagram followers. These days, it is easy to create a fake account and marketers should be aware that they exist to boost the number of followers and to look more influential.

Spotting a Fake Account

With a keen sense and an analytical eye, it is easy to tell if an account is real or not. For instance, a user who randomly likes a photo, or leave generic comments like “wow!” or “perfect post!”, most likely is that the Instagram account is not a valid one. Here are some ways to determine if Instagram followers are real or not:

  1. Inspect each of the Followers – this can be considered to be one of the most effective ways to detect if the Instagram followers are real. However, it may also mean that it needs extra effort from your part. If you notice that the followers do not have many posts, followers, or even pictures, then most probably the account is a fake.
  2. The engagement rate of the follower – the engagement rate tells how frequently the followers interact with the content of a post. Authentic accounts most likely have medium to high engagement. On the other hand, if you take a look at an account and check the “likes” to “follows” ratio, and see that they are low, chances are that the accounts are considered to be “dead” ones.
  3. Nonsense comments – taking time to look at the comments will be a  great benefit for you and your business. Reading the comments is fun and entertaining. Look for comments that do not make sense at all. Especially if they are in phrases like “great post!”, “Looks great!”, or “awesome!”
  4. Analyze the activity of the account – fake followers usually have a lot of activity for several days, then little to no activity on the succeeding days. Real accounts have a steady growth of followers and engagement.
  5. Suspicious profiles – put yourself in the creator of fake accounts. You need not put much effort into creating the profile. Sometimes all you need to do is to add random photos just say that the account has pictures in it. The bio section is oftentimes left blank or in minimum details.
  6. Use fake follower checker tools – checking for fake followers is a challenging task. Especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs. The good news is, there are tools available online that can be used to check the authenticity of Instagram followers.
    1. FollowerCheck – this automated tool scans a profile and detects the number of fake followers. This is a free tool and can help legitimate accounts. Use the tool to determine the fake follower that is attached to your account and blick or remove the user.
    2. Social Audit Pro – this is a paid tool that conducts a full analysis of a profile’s followers. The payment, however, depends on the number of followers of an account.
    3. Modash – this is another free fake followers checker tool. This tool can be used to audit Instagram profiles and quickly analyze the stats.


Over the years, many Instagram users believe that having a large number of followers will help boost their business. This is true as exemplified by many Influencers. However, some engage in buying fake followers just to increase their statistics. However, this activity will greatly affect the influence and authenticity of the Instagram user.

These days, checking for fake accounts is not that complicated and will surely help you in growing your business. Manually checking for the profiles may at first be a tedious job but still worth the while as the return in terms of payout will be rewarding. On the other hand, there are also automated tools that can help you with your objectives. Some are for free but they still serve their purpose.

Knowing and understanding the nature of the followers is important especially if you are running your business. This will also help validate the authenticity of your Instagram account.

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