How to Know When to Change Your Printer Cartridge

Printers are one of the most commonly used devices at our workplace and even at our home. You take thousands of prints from your printer, and suddenly it stops giving fine quality prints which pause your workflow.So how to know in advance when to change your printer cartridge. You can not keep a count of several printouts taken so far, so what other options you have. The cartridge is the heart of your printer, and if toner is low, your printer will lose its soul. You don’t have to acquire any special technical expertise to understand the need for a printer.

If your business requires printing for clients and other business documentation, then cartridges need to be changed regularly. If you take printouts for your personal use, then you can keep on using the light colour prints for some time. Always keep some extra cartridges in your stock which can be used at the time of emergency. Discard the used cartridge, do not try to use it in some other printer as it will affect the performance of the device.

There are two indications which will help you to know that it’s time to change printer cartridges.

  • Built-in alerts: Usually, the printers have built-in alerts to update the user about low toner. Some printers have digital display options or sound alarm systems to alert about low toner.
  • Printing Quality: Second and most common alert is the deterioration of the quality of the printing, which even a non-specialist can understand easily. Light colour printing indicates that it’s time to change your printer cartridge.

It is advised to change the cartridge immediately once the alert is noticed otherwise the printer might stop functioning anytime, which might lead to a halt in your work. If you keep on using a printer with the low cartridge, it might damage the head of your printer in the long run, which can be an expensive repairing cost in comparison to a new cartridge cost.

You can easily change cartridges at your home too. If you are doing it for the first time, you should read the manual properly. It has simple steps mentioned to change the printer cartridge easily. If you maintain your printer properly, it will work efficiently for years without any trouble.

You can save cartridge expenses if you follow some below-mentioned points while using the printer regularly.

  • Limit your extra usage, which means printing a page several times by mistake. So check before giving a print command to save cartridge and paper both.
  • Use Eco-friendly fonts which use less ink or download ink saver apps on your computer.
  • Print the section which is required and does not print the entire page.
  • Avoid printing the images if possible.

You should always keep your printer clean and vacuumed to avoid any dust accumulation inside it. Follow these points to save ink and change printer cartridges on time to prevent printer failure during your urgent projects.

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