How To Protect Kids From Cyberbullies

We are living in the most tech-savvy span of this century. It a world where you can be threatened, abused, and be yelled by foul language publicly while hiding behind the screens. You can say anything to anyone using online platforms. You are minding your business sharing post or tweeting but you never know when or from where anyone can attack. Similarly, cyber crimes are one of the major issues of today’s world. Hacking, stalking, etc are more common these days. The majority of the victims are teenagers.

Teens these days are gadgets obsessed people. They want to be on every social media platform and know every trend. On the other hand parenting in these scenarios is a tough job. Being a parent of a teenager you need to be smart, patient, and yes tech-savvy too just like your child. Only then you can cope up with their lifestyles. You will get to know their problems, issues, and matters if and only if you try to follow new trends and techniques.

You need to smartly handle your teenage child, as they are already going through the most sensitive phase of their lives. Of course, as a parent, you are worried about their well being but you can’t plan every minute or can’t control every activity of their life. They need their private space and this is their right. So in these conditions how to tame anxious parents heart who is always worried sick that if their child is being stalked what will happen or if someone is bullying them. Some overthink that maybe their child are outsider in their circle etc. You can get rid of all these kinds of anxieties and thoughts while respecting your child private space. Yes, you read it right. Using an efficient spy app can help you with keeping an eye on your child activities.

OgyMogy spy app is built for Android as well as windows and mac systems.You can just install the OgyMogy app in your teen phones or laptop and that’s all. Now you will a complete record of who he is chatting with, who is approaching him on social media accounts etc.

Keep An Eye On Their Friends Circle:

Kids these days want a huge followers list. They want to spend celebrity kind of lives. Of course, it is no big deal for them to share their private lives with strangers. But it is a serious matter.OgyMogy can help you in monitoring their social circle.OgyMogy software has a spy app for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat i.e for almost every social media platform. Now to keep them safe from any weird stalker or obsessed follower you can use the OgyMogy monitoring app remotely.

Listen to Their Phone Calls:

You can have complete remote access to the phone book of your child’s Android. You can hear their call recording using the OgyMogy spy call tracking app. This will help you find out any suspicious phone number or bully. You can also read the text message through this spy app. Even if they clear all the chat history OgyMogy can help you recover the whole conversation. Thus by keeping an eye on your kids SMS and call log, you can prevent him from any possible threat.

Know Their Whereabouts In Real-Time:

Kids want to tackle their problems privately. They think they are smart and can handle anything. they lie to protect themselves and their company. Thus make sure your child is not in a bad company and wandering around after school using the OgyMogy app. Using Gps tracking app of OgyMogy you can find the exact location of your child in real-time. You will know if your teen is been dragged to any abandoned building areas etc. Your child safety is in your hand make sure you give them the protection they deserve.

Observe Their Search History:

Make sure the child is not involved in any online cyberbullying or negative or malicious comments. Ogymogy helps you by providing keylogger software. This gives you control over all the keystrokes typed on the target device. Thus you get notified if your child is searching for some random area or person name etc.You will now have access to emails and passwords of all the  child’s accounts

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