Stop Chasing Ranking. Start Chasing People – An Important SEO Lesson

Every field is overrun by strange KPIs and cold objectives. SEO is no different. Anytime a company is looking to hire an SEO or a content writer, the goal is to shore up KPIs and chase high search rankings. Most of the time, SEOs themselves encourage this line of thinking by defining themselves as professionals who can get content to rank high on search engines.

This style of working is not how real marketing works. SEO as a practice is not defined by getting high rankings, but increasing relevant search visibility. SEO is not just about getting first rank on a good keyword, but reaching as many relevant people with much-needed information.

This problem of SEO is not new in marketing. For many years, marketers have struggled to take a balanced approach between chasing conversions and chasing customers. The first kind of approach is more instrumental, while the second is more wholesome. In this article, we discuss the fundamental lesson marketers need to learn in SEO – chasing rankings is not the solution.

Why must SEOs Focus Less on Rankings?

In order to rank high on Google, SEOs spend a lot of time on activities which don’t actually have a big impact. These include using shady means to get backlinks or increasing content length even though the target keyword and intent is covered well in the existing content.

By spending time thinking about rankings, SEOs must instead focus on one thing alone- making sure the content’s quality is better than 90% of the competition.

If SEOs give their undivided attention to making sure the content is the best in the market, they stand a much better chance at reaching more people and meeting their technical goal – getting high search rankings.

Time Should be Used Effectively

Most SEOs spend a lot of time working on shady link building practices that do not actually help in getting high rankings. They can use their time thinking about content and other sources of traffic. Most successful SEOs have secondary social media profiles and accounts they use only for promoting content and sending real traffic to websites. SEOs should expand their horizon to reach more people, not learn shady link building methods that don’t actually work.

In Conclusion

In this article, we discussed the importance of working towards better content and reaching more people instead of chasing rankings. It is an important SEO lesson to remember during these tough times.

About the Author – Radhika Roy is a digital marketing trainer and SEO expert at a top e-commerce company. She also writes regular blog posts on SEO for top websites like, otherwise famous for providing the best digital marketing training in Delhi.

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