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When you make your site you need to upload the files of your site on a web server which we get by purchasing a space  from the hosting provider. And these services are known as web hosting. There are many VPS hosting providers in the market which are useful in many ways. Here in this article we are going to discuss some best VPS hosting services. Before we go on to them, learn what VPS is.

What is VPS?

VPS(Virtual Private Server) is a unique hosting technology which fits nicely b/w the dedicated server services and shared web hosting. This is basically for businesses which need much more functionality and flexibility than shared website hosting servers. Now learn about the some different  VPS hosting service providers, about their price, and features

Some best VPS hosting service:

Here we will discuss different VPS hosting on the basis of their performance, resources and other where we check about things like CPU usage, RAM , storage and other. Check below are some strong and reliable VPS hosting services.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is getting up and up and it’s known for its high power and easy to use web hosting. It is best with its VPS plans with important guidance. It has very bested support services with anytime money-back guarantee. Look at one of its easy plan which will cost you only 5$ and you will get:

  • It will provide you 20gb space with 512 mb ram
  • You can transfer upto 2TB
  • Free SSD SSL
  • Best and updated cPanel addon
  • Anytime money-back guarantee

A2 hosting has two types of plans: Unmanaged and Managed/ Core VPS plans. The main difference between the unmanaged and managed/core plans are:

Managed plans come with the root options which means in the way you can manage or change in managed/core plan you cannot do that adjustments within unmanaged.But you are new you can go with the unmanaged plan which is affordable and reasonable


Hostinger is one of the most popular hosting service providers with more than 29 million users in over 178 countries. Hostinger uses cloud based technology and available in many platforms. It has some best uptime of about 99.9% with 305ms loading time. If you are looking for long term its prices are very reasonable and affordable. If you face any issue their customer support number and live chat options are there to help you out from any issue.

If we talk about some services we get are:

  • 1 GB Memory
  • 2.4 GHz CPU
  • 1 Dedicated IP and full root access
  • 30- Days money-back guarantee
  • Price:- 285/month


Bluehost is like a leader in this field because of its wide range of options to fulfill the need of approx all the sites you are thinking of and the main thing is very efficient, means you are getting what you are really looking for and in a very reasonable amount. Its VPS is very flexible and powerful.

You can get the cheapest plan where you will get  2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 1Tb bandwidth, 30 GB storage for 18$ per month with renewables of approx 30$ per month. It also has some moreplans like premium plan which you will get in $49 and ultimate plan comes with $57 per month and 11$ on per month renewal.

All the plans come with a free 1-year domain and SSl certificate. Here you will get the 24*7 support service who will provide you the best.


Hostgator is known for its low cost hosting and their VPS services are worth reasonable and affordable.

It has mainly three plans snappy 2000, snappy 4000, snappy 8000

Snappy 2000: It comes with 2GB RAM, 2CPU cores, 1.5TB of bandwidth, 120GB of disk space and starts with approx 29-30$ per month.

Snappy 4000: It has about 2GB more RAM than snappy 2000, it also has 2CPU cores with 165 GB disk space, 2TB of bandwidth. Starting with 40$ per month.

Snappy 8000: It has 8GB of RAM with 240 GB of hard disk and 4 CPU cores. It comes with 3TB of bandwidth.

All the services are good as compared to others but as your plan reviews,its introductory also gets some high.


Inmotion host is one of the top hosting providers where you will feel the pleasure of using the services. Their server response is really very fast. It comes with a very affordable price as looking at the features they are providing. One main service everyone needs is good customer support and it has some great support teams who will be available for you throughout the day and provide you the exact solutions for your issue.

One of its basic plan features are as follows:

  • It provides you 4GB RAM with  75 GB storage
  • Comes with 4TB bandwidth
  • Complete cPanel licence
  • Uptime is about 99.9%
  • Price: $27.99 per month


In the above article we have read about the basic information about the best web hosting service providers, some big names in this field are also mentioned above libke A2 hosting, hostinger, bluehost and many others. Read carefully about the services you are getting by the providers and the range and choose appropriately for your. So you can get the best features as per your need and which is also at a reasonable price for you.

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