What is Penetration Test and why do you need it?

To counter the increasing threat of cyber attacks, companies are implementing various security measures. Meanwhile, a service called “Pen Testing” is gradually gaining attention. At present, attention is focused on major infrastructure companies such as major financial institutions, but it may expand to other industries, companies and organizations in the future.

A penetration test could compromise the target system and cause an outage for other customers using the same shared system as well. Another aspect to consider when planning a penetration test within a cloud platform is whether or not pivoting is necessary, a common attack technique in which a system is compromised to attack another system through the access obtained.

Vulnerability diagnostics and penetration tests are both services provide by the experts with CCNA course in UK that find security problems in web applications and networks. Although they have some things in common, the purpose and method are different.

In recent years, an increasing number of user companies are requesting penetration tests, which are often expensive and costly for some reason, even though it should be necessary to diagnose vulnerabilities. Vulnerability diagnosis and penetration test do not have superiority or inferiority, good or bad for each service. It is necessary to select both vulnerability diagnosis and penetration test according to the purpose.

Why you need a pen test?

Penetration test (penetration test, commonly known as pen test) has special skills Attack teams are attacking your organization’s software, infrastructure, and networks. It is a test to let you. Attack teams are looking for security weaknesses and exploiting them

Try to reach the asset

The team conducting the test investigates and discovers the extent of the damage that the attack could cause. Identifies the risk level for each of the identified vulnerabilities and issues a report.

Difference between pen test and vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment involves identifying, recording, and ranking vulnerabilities. Pen testing not only identifies vulnerabilities, it also perform a simulated attack using the knowledge of the certified ethical hacker in Abu Dhabi. Once an attacker with both technology and motivation simulates the attacks an organization may be subjected to as it enters the network is done.

Of course, if there is vulnerability in the system, it will be exploited, but if there is another attack route, it will be used. It is not limited to system attacks. Attacks are carried out using any method, including social engineering methods that exploit human blindness and weaknesses, and methods that exploit organizational institutional weaknesses. Promptly informing the Cloud service provider that you are about to carry out a penetration test first is undoubtedly the simplest and most trivial solution, but according to experts there are some things to think about. If communication, in fact, is the key to making everything go smoothly, it must be borne in mind that the way in which something is communicated is as important as the message itself. The Cloud service provider must be notified in a timely, clear and precise manner: the notification must include the exact timing and scope of the expected test and the actual test should not differ from what was communicated.

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