Top 5 Air Purifier in india

Now breathe clean, odour-free and allergen-free air with the Air Purifies. Air purifier comes with advanced OLED display, Laser Particle Sensor and a high 310m³ PM/hr CADR which effectively cleans a room in 10 min.

How it works?

The highly accurate Particulate Matter (PM) sensor detects particles as small as 0.3μm and instantly displays it on the OLED screen. With a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310m³/h, it can effectively clean air in a space of up to 37m². You can clean a room 21m², 2.4m high in 10 min

So, if you are looking for an air purifier by a trusted brand then we are here to help you choose the right product. Below you can find the list of

Top 3 air purifiers in India along with their pros and cons.

Mi Air Purifier 2S


  • Product looks nice and is portable. Its a clever design with circular filter.
  • No need to change 2 separate filters as its all integrated into a single filter.
  • Smart app to control and monitor your Air purifier.
  • App will notify when the filter needs a replacement.
  • Schedule the Purifier to turn on and off automatically at a given time.
  • App sync is easy and is done within seconds( xiaomi probably fixed this issue as some customers were having trouble with the app )


  • All in one single cylindrical filter – Easiest replacement
  • Display sensor for PM 2.5 level, temperature and humidity
  • Smart App connection – Schedule the device to turn on and off and monitor it on your phone.
  • Replacement filter costs 2100/- and very easy to change in 30 seconds !
  • High CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 310 m3/hr


  • Difficult to clean the filter
  • Noisy in manual mode

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier


  • Child Lock – Not available in old model (Philips AC4012/10)
  • Multiple Fan Speeds – Has 4 speeds (including Turbo) whereas old model has only 3 varying speeds
  • Allergen Auto Mode – Not available in old model (Philips AC4012/10)
  • Smart Light Control – This one is bliss…OMG i just love it… no matter what mode we select when we switch off the rooms lighting the panel display will go off ensure no light distractions while we sleep.
  • In previous model (Philips AC4012/10) the lighting will stay in other modes and will go off only when we select night mode.
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 270 m3/hour – Old model 160 m3/hour


  • It is very useful in a small and closed room. The indicator turns blue within few minutes.
  • Very compact and light weight. Easy to move around from one room to the other
  • Very sensitive air quality sensor..picks up the slightest change when anyone opens the door
  • Auto light switch off is very convenient and a cool feature at this price


  • At night when the lights are turned off the device goes to night mode, which is simply a low fan speed mode and it does not clean the air. This means if the air quality indicator shows red, it remains red throughout the night since the fan speed will not increase to filter the air faster.
  • The indicator will never turn blue if you slightly open the window or door of the room.

Sharp IG-GC2E-N Plasmacluster Air Purifier 

Sharp air purifier model ig-gc2e is suitable for all kinds of cars and for desktop use up to 30 sq. ft. area. Certified by 28 global labs for safety and effectiveness, over 7 crore users have reposed their trust in sharp. Active purification is most suitable inside our cars as even if windows or doors are opened, air purifier performance does not get affected. No replacement cost for up to 19000 hours or 8 years (usage of 8 hours a day). Comes with washable pm10 filter to take care of thick dust. Most effective on dust mites, smell, odour, gases, virus, mold, fungus etc.



  • Very Small Size than other produts
  • Highly Reliable
  • Elegant and easy to use
  • Zero noise at low speed
  • Can also be use in Car
  • Cleaning the Filters is very easy


Final thoughts

Purchasing electronics can be a tough job as it has a number of features and specifications. It is wise to read its reviews and qualities. We have listed just top 3 electric air purifies in India by the top brands and there are many more models available.


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