About spin mop and changing the mophead

Sweeping and mopping make your home look clean. But, one must agree that they are one of the most strenuous jobs involved in keeping the house clean.  Wondering, if there is any way to clean your home quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively? The spin mop is the answer. 

Why is spin mop a better option?

 You will agree that the most difficult part in mopping is to wring the mop and get it ready to mop the floor. The spin mop is a mop and bucket system. This helps you to carry the water soap solution and the mop head that is required to clean up the house.  This would ensure that do not create a mess while cleaning up. The spinning system in the unit ensures that the mop is wrung effectively and is ready to mop the floor without much effort as you need in case of an ordinary mop.

  Benefits of using a spin mop system

  • Helps save water–  The spin mop system features a  mop that fits right into the bucket. This is in contrast to the conventional mop and bucket system. That is, there is a lot of wide water into which you will try to wring the mop to get it ready for mopping. You are likely to spill and wastewater in this system.  However, in the spin mop system,  you can put the mop head and operate the spinner. The water from the mop would be going right into the bucket.
  • Wringing the mop is easy– You would be able to wring the mop and get it ready for mopping in an upright position. This means it is effective for people with back problems.
  • It absorbs a lot of liquid– You can clean liquid or beverage that spills on the floor. This is because the mop is made of fibers that absorb a lot of liquid.
  •  The foot pedal– The spin mop features a foot pedal.  You can wring the mop by pressing the foot pedal. This is advantageous for persons with carpal tunnel syndrome as well as arthritis.

Changing the spin mop head

 You can change the mop head after using it for some time. The steps involved include

  •  Finding the spinning head–  You have got to buy the spinning head that matches the old one in the spin mop. You can access it in the online stores. Make sure that you buy a quality product from the best store offline.
  • Free the mop head from the mop cap–  Hold the mop head in an upright position. The mop should be flat and spread out on the floor. Hold the mop head firmly with your foot and align it with the bolt of the mop. Bend over the handle of the mop. This should be in a direction that is opposite to that of the foot. The mop head would be given a slight tag. This would free the mop cap.
  • Attach the new mop head–  Place the new mophead over the head. The mop cap should completely cover the mop head. Apply minimal pressure on the mop cap. This would help a

The spin  mophelps you to clean your home quickly with less effort. Less effort here means when it is compared to using an ordinary mop. Follow the instructions in the package to change the mop head carefully.

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