Minimalist Weekend Packing Tips: How to Pack Light For Weekend Trips

You don’t have to sacrifice fashion and comfort when packing light. However, it will necessitate second-thought like travel essentials, suitcases, and shoes. One thing here and stuff there. When you’re loading things for a trip, these little additions can increase up fast. You don’t want a checked bag that’s huge or heavy, and experience baggage fees at the airport. Meanwhile, if you’re carrying on a suitcase, its weight will always matter since you’ll be grabbing your bag dozens of times while in transit. 

Whether you’re here reading this article because you’re looking for ways how to travel with a carry-on only or you don’t know how to cut your checked bag down to size, these helpful tips for packing light are for you. 

Get the Right Bag First 

People usually fill the space they have when it comes to packing. The easiest way to pack less is to make sure that you have less space for yourself. If you opt to travel in a carry on sized bag, you’ll found out that packing will be more efficient and lighter. The best way to avoid heavy bags, airline baggage fees, and the difficulty of dragging bags around is to pick a carry on sized backpack. Also, a trick we can share with you is to have your bag organised using packing cubes. A daypack is also great to add for carrying your personal items on the plane, and your everyday essentials once you arrive. 

Don’t Pack in Bulk, Pack Layers 

Even if you’re travelling in cold weather or across multiple climates, it’s better to dress in layers. Avoid packing bulky items such as sweaters and coats and pack multiple thin layers instead since this takes up lesser space and can be more flexible. Obviously, one heavy chunky sweater can eat up so much space in your bag and you’ll be confused to fit everything else you need. 

You may opt for a merino wool base layer or thermal shirt that will keep you warm and comfy. These are also easy to combine with other items or taken off if the weather changes. Make sure that you know what kind of weather the city has that you’ll be exploring. Some places have different weathers, they can have cool mornings, warm afternoons, and cold nights. So be ready to pack for those type of days. Take our advice to dress up in thin layers since it provides you flexibility and helps you to pack light. 

However, if you can’t really live without your bulky sweater, coat, or shoes, the solution is to wear it and never pack it. You can even wear it all at the check-in! Most weekend getaway trips require two pairs of shoes. You’ll need a pair of sneakers for walking and a pair of flats for partying or just going out. So, pack the flats, and wear sneakers. 

Try Not to Pack Any Toiletries 

Most of the time, it’s recommended not to pack any toiletries and rely on your hotel to give you the basics or just buy them when you arrive at your destination. However, there are travellers who can’t go without their own soap, shampoo, and conditioner. If this is the case, you can pack light by cutting the soap bar to just what you need for the trip. , Meanwhile, if you still don’t have any idea where you’ll stay for your next trip, here are some Top Real Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Hotel for Your Vacation.

Never Bring Your Books 

People like to read when they’re on a vacation. However, don’t try to store so many books to your entire suitcase. Instead, just bring a typical tablet or e-reader that usually measures eight ounces and one pound, just as similar to the size of a paperback guidebook or great beach read. With just one small tablet, you may store a huge suitcase full of books on it, and you can even use helpful additional features such as travel apps for cutting down on your vacation paper trail. And the most important thing is: never forget the charger! 

Cut Down on the Skincare, Makeup Products, and Accessories 

Of course, everyone likes to take the perfect Instagram photos with stylish accessories and on the fleek makeup. With that kind of mindset, you’ll just end up bringing your entire makeup kit, your whole jewellery box, and even your complete nail polish box just to look glamorous while you travel. However, the amount of space these things will consume in your travel bag is huge. Just fill your bag with items that you really need, be realistic about it. Pack some cosmetics and accessories that you just need. 

Train Your Mind To Be Comfortable With Packing Less 

If you think that you are always packing everything you need at a snap of your fingers, you’re doing it wrong. The right way to pack light is, to begin with preparing your mind to be relaxed even when you don’t have all of the things you’re used too back at home. 

You don’t need to fit all those designer bags and shoes you own to have a wonderful trip, right? The most important thing is for you to enjoy the whole trip and love every minute of it.

Make sure to use some of our travel packing tips so you’ll be able to travel light and have fun on your trip! 

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